Monday, September 28, 2009

Twins' Birthday Cards

So my twins turned 17 this past week. And, of course, I didn't get inspired to make their birthday card until the night before, after 11pm!!! I made these tag books so I could put a picture of their birthday present inside since they won't be getting their phones until next month.

All in all I like the way the Roll books turned out. They were fun to make, just wish I had more embellishments that I could have used. ANOTHER reason to go shopping!!!

My girls really liked them, so that's what counts!!

When making the Roll books, I wish I would had the time to flatten the rolls between something heavy. As it was, I just used a bone folder (?) to make the creases. Also, I used strong adhesive tape (the red kind) to attach the 4" X 6" pieces of paper. I did realize that some toilet paper rolls are different sizes. And, I just experimented with the size for the tags, using Plantin SchoolBook. (I'm still exploring all the different options for tags with PS.)

For the book rings, I used 1" book rings from the office supply store. They were pretty cheap for 100 count.

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  1. These birthday cards are adorable! I'm so happy you became a blogger. I really like the idea of being a "newbie" with company -- it's not so lonely! LOL!!


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