Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Marching Band Items

Here are a couple of the items I created during Marching Band Camp ....

These will be the Seniors pins for the first home game ... used the Sure Cuts A Lot software and gift boxes as the tag board. Our mascot is the Longhorn, hence the western buttons. These are taking quite a while to create, but I think it will be worth it in the end.

No Cricut used on this item. These were little "badges" for the students to add to their gear bags. Kind of like girl scout's SWAP items ... The item is a snare drum because we all went to the Drum Core International Competition at the Georgia Dome. Again, these took a lot of time, but they turned out cute. Can't see that in the photo though. I started with small wooden spools and painted them, then wrote "DCI 2009" on each. The drum sticks are toothpicks with small beads on the end. Maybe next year I'll make them into earrings and they'll be more popular.

The bowling pins and bowling ball below were cut with the Cricut. It was interesting that foam from different companies (Hobby Lobby versus Michael's) cut differently. I believe I used the deep cut blade housing (whew, expensive) and not sure if it was needed or not.

Again, I used the SCAL software, found an image on line, and used Inkscape to make it compatible with SCAL version 1. Sure wish I had had version 2!!!! So, wasn't so happy with how some of the foam cut, but then some of the foam from HL cut a whole lot cleaner. Trial and error, I guess. AND, don't you know that I didn't write any of this down for future reference!!! UGH!!! Oh well. These were a lot of fun. They were badges for our bowling night during Band Camp.

FINALLY got my camera to work

OK. ... so my camera does work, but I haven't had the right cable or my printer won't connect to my computer ... or SOMETHING doesn't work so that I can download my photos ... BUT, finally, it's working and I can post some of my latest work.

I'm so excited because I finished a Word Book. My first one. Yes, there are a lot of mistakes, but I learned a lot in the process. AND, I had a LOT of fun!!!

I used the Sure Cuts A Lot software to cut the pages. AND, I used old manila file folders as the chip board. Then I cut the same image on the paper and again with the "flip" option. I will use a spray adhesive next time, as the glue made the pages curl. I used chalk and black ink to ink the edges and next time I'll choose just one method.

AND, I have to THANK the countless people on the Cricut Message Board for sharing all of their Word Books. They inspired me, TOTALLY!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


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Monday, August 17, 2009

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Another middle of the night post

So, here I am, not able to sleep again, cruising the Provo Craft Crafting MB, and decide to check my own blog .... BAM!! 6 followers!! How nice!! I suppose I need to get on the ball and share all my latest activities!!!

So, these past couple of weeks, my girls have been in Band Camp, actually Guard, and I've made several items for camp. I believe I've posted this earlier ... and, yes, I'm trying to find the right cord to plug in my camera so I can upload the photos.

Now that Band Camp is over, I'm looking forward to Cuttin' some things just for "me" and only one at a time, NOT 160! Ohhhh, what to cut first ....

So, to my 6 "Member" ...THANKS!!! I'm so honored to have you "aboard" ... hoping you're not "bored" with my lack of info.

TTFN ... Steph
Thanks for Visiting!!!