Wednesday, August 26, 2009

FINALLY got my camera to work

OK. ... so my camera does work, but I haven't had the right cable or my printer won't connect to my computer ... or SOMETHING doesn't work so that I can download my photos ... BUT, finally, it's working and I can post some of my latest work.

I'm so excited because I finished a Word Book. My first one. Yes, there are a lot of mistakes, but I learned a lot in the process. AND, I had a LOT of fun!!!

I used the Sure Cuts A Lot software to cut the pages. AND, I used old manila file folders as the chip board. Then I cut the same image on the paper and again with the "flip" option. I will use a spray adhesive next time, as the glue made the pages curl. I used chalk and black ink to ink the edges and next time I'll choose just one method.

AND, I have to THANK the countless people on the Cricut Message Board for sharing all of their Word Books. They inspired me, TOTALLY!!!

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  1. I LOVE-LOVE this!

    Great blog; I'll have to come visit again soon!


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