Monday, August 3, 2009

Another middle of the night post

So, here I am, not able to sleep again, cruising the Provo Craft Crafting MB, and decide to check my own blog .... BAM!! 6 followers!! How nice!! I suppose I need to get on the ball and share all my latest activities!!!

So, these past couple of weeks, my girls have been in Band Camp, actually Guard, and I've made several items for camp. I believe I've posted this earlier ... and, yes, I'm trying to find the right cord to plug in my camera so I can upload the photos.

Now that Band Camp is over, I'm looking forward to Cuttin' some things just for "me" and only one at a time, NOT 160! Ohhhh, what to cut first ....

So, to my 6 "Member" ...THANKS!!! I'm so honored to have you "aboard" ... hoping you're not "bored" with my lack of info.

TTFN ... Steph


  1. I'm not bored at all and have enjoyed reading your blog! :)

  2. I wasn't bored either! ;) Hey from Alabama - not too far from you! I just started blogging, so I'm going to follow you and maybe you'll join my 2 lonely followers?? LOL Get some sleep, girl!! (Although, I don't think I've been to sleep before midnight in about 4 days!)


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