Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Birthday Card

So, a client of mine (I'm a massage therapist) bought a gift certificate for his wife.  I like to create hand made gift certificates, so I asked what were her likes.  He said she always wanted a baby tiger.  Well, the only baby tiger image I had on my Cricut cartridges was baby Tigger.  But, isn't he cute!!

I first made him using the Tigger colors, but I think he looks more like  a tiger using "real tiger" colors.  Either way, she loved it.  And, I love cutting Pooh images.  This Tigger is from the Pooh Font cartridge.  It has such cute "baby" pooh cuts!!  Funny story ... I had the stripes and base color for Tigger reversed and he looked odd to me, but I couldn't determine why.  My dd looked at it and at once replied, "you have the stripes in the wrong color!"  DUH!!!  So, I actually cut Tigger THREE times ....

The baby Tigger has a duck in front of him.  I used my Gypsy to hide the duck and pond cuts.  The other funny thing is, when I went to cut the layers, I did not realize that the "water" layer was actually water.  I kept trying to put the water on Tigger!!!  That's one of the problems with the Gypsy, you need a bigger magnifier sometimes.  But, I finally hunted for the cut on line and realized my error.  Made a huge difference ...hahaha!!!  (Maybe I just need to break down and get some glasses!)

The corners are cut using a Fiskers corner punch. The actual gift card holder was cut from Cindy Loo. I sometimes forget this cartridge has this useful cut!  I used my Gypsy to hide the inside cut marks and simply used glue dots to place my certificate on the inside.

The cupcake is from Once Upon a Princess, cut at 2.32".

I cut Make a Wish using Gypsy Font, cut at 1". I used the shadow cut as well.  (LOVE it when a font has a shadow!!)

Wish I had used some wider ribbon, but this was all that I could find in my stash.  (Guess my stash needs to grow!!!)

THANKS for LOOKING and come visit again soon!!


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  3. (Let me this again.)

    The card is adorable! I'm sure the client will appreciate that you took the time to add a nice, thoughtful card to the gift certificate.

    I also have trouble making sense of the layers sometimes and I'm working on a full-size computer screen. And I'm wearing glasses!

  4. THANKS!! Glasses would probably come in handy!!!

  5. Hi there,
    I am blog hopping from Ontario, Canada and saw your lovely cards. They are executed so well. The baby, butterfly and Tigger are so lovely. I learn so much from looking at others cards. TFS


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