Monday, October 10, 2011

FIRST WOODSTOCK SWARM OVER and ready for the Scrapbooking Pages

WOW!!!!! What a FABULOUS weekend!  The first of hopefully many Woodstock Swarms was a HUGE success!!!  Had so much FUN!!!  So many talented people, funny stories, giggles, and great food all tossed together, equals one heck of a weekend!!!

Go here to see some of the pictures posted by attendees.  I had so much help with this event. A BIG thank you to all that attended and to everyone for contributing!  I could not have done all of this on my own, obviously.  It was all so magical!!! JUST PERFECT!!

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  1. Stephhhaannniiieeeeee... I had a great time.. I only got one layout done,lol.. I want to see what you have up show..


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